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Those who have been lucky enough to visit Vietnam know how truly special it is. The breathtaking natural beauty of Ha Long Bay and Sapa, with its limestone karsts, emerald waters, and lush mountain landscapes, captivates travelers’ hearts and leaves a lasting impression. The vibrant energy of major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City bursts forth in places like its bustling markets and street food stalls.

Culture and history are well preserved in the charming, lantern-lit streets of Hoi An as well as the palaces and temples of imperial Hué. There are motorbikes to be ridden on countryside roads, floating markets to be explored in the Mekong Delta’s waterways, and beach destinations like Phu Quoc Island to take it easy in. We’d be remiss not to mention the universal appeal of fresh and flavorful Vietnamese cuisine, ranging from dishes like pho and banh mi to spring rolls and seafood.

Destination Highlights

Cruise Ha Long Bay

Beach & Sun Cruising Wildlife & Nature
Drift among the spectacular limestone karsts rising majestically from the emerald waters of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Beyond the towering cliffs, catch the occasional glimpse of traditional fishing villages, floating markets, hidden lagoons, and secluded beaches.

Visit Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Culture History & Arts City Breaks Culinary Family Travel
Bustling street vendors, colorful shop fronts, and ancient temples stand side by side on the narrow streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Enjoy an authentic taste of Vietnamese life as you let the scent of sizzling street food guide you through the maze-like alleys.

Hike in Sapa

Adventure Wildlife & Nature
Take a trek through the breathtaking terraced rice fields of Sapa, while emerald-green, mist-covered mountains loom in the background. Stop by the remote hill tribe villages where warm and friendly locals call this scenic region of northern Vietnam home.

Wander Hoi An’s Ancient Town

Cruising Culture History & Arts City Breaks
Behold the enchanting sight of colorful lanterns lighting up the cobblestone streets of Hoi An’s Ancient Town. Along the Thu Bon River, colorful boats bob gently on the water, adding to the already postcard-perfect scene.

Attend a Water Puppet Show

Culture History & Arts City Breaks
Experience this unique Vietnamese art form, which features carved wooden puppets dancing on a shimmering stage of water while being accompanied by live music and captivating storytelling.

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