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From timelessly alluring cobblestoned streets to lush green rolling vineyards to sun-drenched golden coastlines, Portugal offers something unique for every kind of traveler. Love exploring historic cities filled with winding alleys and charming neighborhoods? Lisbon awaits. Want to feel magically transported to a fairytale town where castles reign and secret tunnels beckon? Don't skip out on Sintra.

Ready to soak up the sun upon miles and miles of pristine golden beaches, backed by dramatic cliffs? Check out the Algarve region. In search of the perfect glass of port wine, with accompanying views of cascading vineyards? The Douro Valley is an absolute must-visit. Looking for a hidden gem of an island with breathtaking landscapes to spend a few days? Make a stop in Madeira. With its balanced blend of history, culture, and diverse landscapes, Portugal proves that you really can have it all.

Destination Highlights

Uncover hidden gems in Madeira

Adventure Wildlife & Nature

Wind down on the stunning island of Madeira, often dubbed the "Hawaii of Europe". Explore its lush botanical gardens, hike along its levada trails, and admire the dramatic waterfalls, rugged cliffs, and remote beaches that make this island truly unforgettable.

Get lost in timeless Lisbon

Culture History & Arts City Breaks Family Travel

Portugal's endlessly charming capital, Lisbon, offers a collection of cobblestoned streets, hilltop views, iconic landmarks, and mouthwatering cuisine that can rival any major European city.

Soak up Sunny Algarve

Beach & Sun Family Travel

You may never want to leave the golden sand beaches, picturesque coves, and twinkling azure seas of the Algarve region once you set foot there. Frankly, we wouldn't either.

Savor the Douro Valley

Cruising Culinary Wildlife & Nature

Escape to the serene landscapes and terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley, where you can take a boat tour along the meandering Douro River, followed by a wine tasting tour of the region's famous port wine.

Discover storybook Sintra

Culture History & Arts Family Travel Wildlife & Nature

Get whisked away to the enchanting town of Sintra, where fairytale castles come to life in the form of Pena Palace, and where you can spend an afternoon wandering the whimsical gardens of Quinta da Regaleira.

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