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Envision a place where shimmering blue fjords are framed by steep cliffs and cascading waterfalls, a land where archipelagos jut out into the sea, boasting dramatic scenery of peaks and ridges, and where you can enjoy a vivid viewing of the Northern Lights in winter and 24 hours of continuous sunlight known as Midnight Sun in the summer. Chances are, you're picturing the spectacular country of Norway.

Norway's unrivaled display of stunning natural beauty has captured many a traveler's heart, from its majestic fjords to sprawling forests to unique light conditions. This Scandinavian gem is also known for its rich Viking heritage, which has been well-preserved in museums and deeply ingrained in cultural practices, from the local festivals to historical reenactments.

Destination Highlights

Hike to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)

Adventure Wildlife & Nature
One of Norway's most photographed natural landmarks, you can take a thrilling hike to this iconic cliff, which offers spectacular panoramic views over the Lysefjord from a dizzying height of 604 meters above sea level.

Experience the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

Wildlife & Nature

Nature puts on quite the performance in the winter, when vibrant displays of green, purple, and red light up the Arctic sky in Tromsø or the Lofoten Islands. In contrast, during the summer, the sun never fully sets in the northern regions of Norway, bathing the landscape in soft perpetual daylight.

Explore the Lofoten Islands

Adventure Wildlife & Nature
Discover the rugged beauty and dramatic landscapes of these Arctic islands, with their towering mountains, sheltered bays, and charming fishing villages. Take the opportunity to go hiking and fishing, and experience traditional Norwegian coastal culture.

Cruise the Fjords

Cruising Wildlife & Nature
Embark on a scenic cruise through world-famous fjords such as Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. Known for the sheer cliffs that rise dramatically on either side of the fjords, as well as the waterfalls that cascade from staggering heights, these UNESCO World Heritage sites are some of the most breathtaking landscapes you'll ever see.

Stroll through Bryggen in Bergen

City Breaks
Wander around the historic wharf of Bryggen in Bergen, with its colorful wooden buildings that date back to the 14th century. Meander through cobblestone alleys that lead to quaint shops selling local crafts and cozy cafes serving  freshly baked pastries.

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