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Germany invites you to see, feel, taste, and live its timeless culture. As you stroll through Berlin’s bustling boulevards, you can marvel at how seamlessly tradition and modernity blend together so well in this land. From the majestic towers of medieval castles in Munich to the futuristic skylines of Frankfurt, the country is full of interesting contrasts. 

Venture into the Rhine Valley, where sprawling vineyards produce some of the world's finest wines or ascend the peaks of the Bavarian Alps for breathtaking views. Savor rich local cuisine during Oktoberfest celebrations or visit Wolfsburg’s iconic automotive museum. Whether you are an adventurer, a foodie, or someone in search of new experiences, Germany extends a warm welcome.

Destination Highlights

Discover history at Hohenzollern Castle

Culture History & Arts
Perched atop the scenic Swabian Alps is the fairy-tale home of Prussian royalty. Get a glimpse of Germany’s regal past as you walk through grand halls lined with ornate   chandeliers and where painted ceilings capture tales of the Hohenzollern family.

A mini world wonder at Miniatur Wunderland

Culture History & Arts Adventure
Watch this urban world come to life in stunning miniature form at the world’s largest model railway exhibition in Hamburg. Wander through meticulously crafted landscapes, cities, and even airports, each a tiny masterpiece full of detail.

Join the festivities at Oktoberfest

Picture vast fields of colorful tents, where the aroma of freshly baked pretzels mingles with the lively tunes of traditional oompah bands. From the first foamy sip of world-renowned beer to the cheerful clinking of steins, join the vibrant celebration of culture, food, and Bavarian hospitality at Oktoberfest.

An automotive adventure at Autostadt

Culture History & Arts
Pack your imagination, carry your curiosity, and get ready to be amazed at Autostadt, Wolfsburg’s iconic car museum. Experience the past, present, and future of mobility in this car enthusiast’s dream. From vintage classics to futuristic concept cars, you’re in for a ride!

Scale Europe’s largest monument

Culture History & Arts
Journey through time and witness a pivotal moment in history at Völkerschlachtdenkmal, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. Learn the story of Napolean’s historic defeat inside the Hall of Fame, surrounded by intricate sculptures of the fallen heroes.

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