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I have been in the Travel Industry for over 28 years and travelled to more than 50 countries around the World and still more on my bucket list, each truly a beautiful and unique experience.

Plain and simple I have a passionate affair with travel and love exploring new places all the time.

I love travel for the thrill and excitement of it all, discovering new lands and cultures, exploring historical and heritage sites and trying new authentic food.  I love to enrich my journeys with a bit of style by eating at local restaurants, shopping at trendy boutiques , visiting museums and Art galleries , staying at stylish hotels or just sitting by the pool.

I believe incredible travel experiences is more than just visiting a destination, it is about that feeling of exploring new lands.

I have created so many everlasting memories along the way and I hope I can share my knowledge and experiences to inspire you to create everlasting memories and amazing experiences.

Whether its recommending best local restaurants and cafes, trendy boutiques, Unique hotels or a must do experiences I will be always passionate on sharing this with you and elevate your Journey with us.





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Be it a sophisticated city break or a remote countryside retreat, our expert Designers are ready to transform your wanderlust into into unforgettable travel experiences.

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