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 Bio"The need to explore the world began with the first geography/history books which talked about foreign lands and different cultures..Vivid word pictures opened my mind to a range of experiences from that of a Daniel Boone to those of the great Marco Polo. I eagerly awaited each National Geographic Magazine and feel humbled by the travel opportunities over 40 years that have taken me too many of those diverse destinations and continued to fuel the passion for travel I love to share with clients

."Marianne’s history major only fueled her love of diverse civilizations. Whether it’s watching Venice rise out of the mist of dawn as you sail down the Grand Canal or the awe when sailing into Hong Kong Harbor, the joy of having an elephant look up and trumpet your passing, or spiritual experiences of Manchu Picchu at dawn, or a moonlit walk thru the Temple of Karnac  you are following the steps of past explorers and new experiences await. passing.

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