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Growing up in a small town in the Netherlands always had me wondering about the places I dreamed about. Whenever my family and I packed our bags for a new adventure, my heart was filled with anticipation, eager to explore the hidden gems that awaited us. 

This passion of mine has led me to wandering all over the European continent, from sipping afternoon tea in London to watching couples dance on the banks of the Seine, and from marveling at Gaudi's masterpieces in Barcelona to the grand mountains of Austria. Each destination I've traveled to has left me in awe and filled me with the excitement of uncovering even more wonders. 

In my travels, I enjoy finding the balance between adventure, history, and culture, where every new destination is an opportunity to explore the unknown, uncover the past, and connect with the soul of the places I visit. 

Embrace the extraordinary with me as your passionate travel advisor, and together, we'll embark on a journey to a world of discovery, where each moment is thoughtfully designed to create memories that will last a lifetime. 


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