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Meet Irene, your go-to Advisor

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Irene has always been intrigued by history and culture. She has loved travel from a young age because it gave her insight of how other cultures differed from her own. Travelling abroad on many occasions, one of her most memorable summers was when she was in Greece visiting family. Going back to her roots, she says, “It gave me the opportunity to experience every day life and broadened my understanding of my own background.”

Since moving to Florida in 2000, Irene and her family like to travel as often as they can. Having two kids, she understands how to balance luxury and family fun. Irene has traveled to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and many destinations here in the United States. Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii or staying in a private villa in Tuscany, Irene feels that traveling brings families and friends together, making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, and she looks forward to help making those travel dreams a reality for her clients.

Irene speaks English, Greek

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