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Being born and raised in vibrant city - Hong Kong, I got a passport that's seen more stamps than a collector's album. My passion for exploration took root during my university days when I immersed myself in the fascinating world of tourism management.

Fast forward to today, I've traveled through more than 30 countries, from the bustling streets of Asia to the enchanting landscapes of Europe, the USA, and exclusive gems like Bhutan and Jordan. My quest is to seek out experiences that create lasting stories and cherished memories.

With a sincere dedication to client engagement, I am committed to meeting your desires and enhancing your journeys to create enduring, memorable experiences. I believe that every journey is a unique tale waiting to be written, and I'm here to craft that story with you.

Let's turn your travel dreams into a reality, one unforgettable adventure at a time.


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Be it a sophisticated city break or a remote countryside retreat, our expert Designers are ready to transform your wanderlust into into unforgettable travel experiences.

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