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My interest in traveling started when I was a child flying every summer to Ireland to visit our family in Belfast. My first experience was with British Airways and the take-off was awesome! No fear at that age. I remember how small the world looked from my window. The lights looked almost alien. The clouds I would imagine sitting on them. I can recall visiting the Giant's Causeway and believed the giants did create those steps. I did not understand a single word the Irish said with their very thick accents. Fast forward to today, I am in this job to create travel itineraries that call to you, so that you can experience the magic and wonder that the world offers. We don't have be children to experience that. I have extensive knowledge being in the industry for over 20 years and it is fun for me creating travel itineraries unique to my clients. Let's get planning today!


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Be it a sophisticated city break or a remote countryside retreat, our expert Designers are ready to transform your wanderlust into into unforgettable travel experiences.

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