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Travel Experience

As a child, taking annual family trips to new and captivating places opened my eyes to a world of excitement and wonder. This love for travel has enriched my life with countless invigorating cultural experiences and brought out the real foodie in me. Anywhere I go, I am always looking for a bustling market, tantalizing culinary adventure or seeking out the most picturesque terrace to blissfully enjoy a glass of wine on.

The cherished memories I have been able to create are something I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Let me exceed your expectations and make your travel dreams come true through exceptional personalized touches, thoughtful planning, and access to places you’ve only dreamed of.


Caribbean (Jamaica) Costa Rica Italy Mexico Dominican Republic

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Cruising Culture History & Arts Culinary Resorts

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Be it a sophisticated city break or a remote countryside retreat, our expert Designers are ready to transform your wanderlust into into unforgettable travel experiences.

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