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Travel Experience

I was born in the Czech Republic and settled in Los Angeles where I started a successful floral design business. I’m naturally drawn to the beauty in nature which is why I’m drawn to the places I’ve traveled to throughout my life. Long ago I left behind the childhood simple weekend road trips with my parents for the finer side of luxury travel. Being from Europe, I’m very familiar with the culture and destinations, from the castles of eastern Europe to the gardens of La Alhambra in Spain to the villas of Italy and the islands of Greece. Some of my personal favorites I’ve traveled to in recent years include, Machu Picchu in Peru, safari in southern Africa, the Blue Mountains of Australia and the Costa del Sol in Spain. I believe that anywhere you travel should resonate with your personal tastes, curiosities and desires. So I like to personalize an itinerary as if I were planning it for myself.


Caribbean (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos) France Italy

Travel Styles

Adventure Culinary Resorts