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Travel Experience

I am a practicing OB/GYN with a passion for travel. I have been planning travel for. years, but I recently decided to follow my dreams and become a travel advisor professionally.

The name of my travel agency also has significant meaning. I am a part of a large group of female OB/GYN's, and we call ourselves "bees." (Get it? O-"B") We refer to the entire group as the hive. When I have a medical question, I can always ask the hive. Sometimes taking care of a patient is a collaborative effort between different specialties just like taking care of travel client is a collaborative effort between the travel advisor and other travel experts. This is how the name Hive Designed Travel came into fruition. I am able to design a personalized travel experience, because I collaborate with thousands of travel experts and travel partners from all over the world.

I understand the need for work life balance. I understand that sometimes we need just a quick getaway with the family, and other times, we need to be wrapped in luxury and indulgence. Regardless of the type of vacation you want to take, I am here to plan all of the details and anticipate every need. Together, we will design an unforgettable vacation.


Caribbean (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos) Hawaii

Travel Styles

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