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Travel Experience

As a first generation American, I was inspired by my parents to study and earn a college degree graduating with an A.A. in Humanities, a B.A. in Psychology, and an added appreciation of art, music, nature, and archaeology. My path has led me to following my heart to new adventures in travel and learning.

Connecting to my Mexican culture and roots I have a deep appreciation for history and culture along with an incredible zest of life and adventure.

With a desire to meet like-minded people, explore and discover new cultures and make new friends, I ventured on my first solo/guided tour through the UK and Ireland where I was inspired exploring the historic buildings and streets infused with centuries of stories and people and experience places I had only read about in books and seen in movies. I am excited to share my experiences, lessons, advice and travel tips with others.

Planning the perfect experiences for others, so they can have their own fun adventures or calm getaways alone or with small groups of friends and like minded individuals is truly my passion.


Caribbean (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos) Egypt Greece Mexico

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