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Travel Experience

I love helping people discover the world. Life is full of adventures, and endless opportunities for you to have your imagination captured and enamoured by the grandeur and majesty of nature. I believe this to be true, because I have traveled the world extensively and today, as a cruise specialist, I help people to discover the world. My name is Luba Shustov, and twenty-five years ago, I emigrated to Canada from Beautiful St. Petersburg, Russia. I live in Toronto Canada and I am married. I have beautiful nine-year-old twins. I was quickly drawn to cruises. Fifteen years ago, my husband and I took a cruise for our honeymoon, and I was hooked. Since then, we have traveled on more family-oriented cruises than I can count. I quickly became an expert at planning cruises, including the booking process and arranging excursions in each port. I truly believe that cruising is the best way to travel, hands-down. I became so proficient at planning cruises, that my friends and family began asking me to plan their trips. After much consideration, I decided that I could not only help my family and friends' dreams come true, but I could also do this professionally. I left my career in the pharmaceutical field to become a cruise specialist, and I have never looked back. Since I have a wealth of traveling with my family, I have chosen to specialize in family cruises for children, parents, teenagers, and young adults. Whether you are a veteran cruiser or you are hoping to take a cruise for the first time, I can help to broaden your horizons and help you to discover our world. Book one trip with me, and you will love cruising as much as my family loves cruising. What keeps me dedicated to helping people arrange their travel plans, is that I know seeing all that the Earth has to offer, opens your mind to so many wonderful things. Traveling is important for children, as it helps them understand different cultures and for people of all ages, cruising and travel helps you to form friendships with people worldwide. Traveling and cruising have profoundly impacted my life. All of the people I have helped with their travel plans will tell you that their experiences are priceless. I can help plan the perfect cruise for your family. To learn more, call or e-mail me, today!


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