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Travel Experience

Montreal based Luxury Travel Expert

My love for travel? Well, it all started back in high school when I took my first international trip to Europe. Taking my first plane ride, exploring the different cultures, and experiencing the flavors, sights and sounds of Switzerland, Italy, France and Monaco - it was all so intoxicating and I was hooked. In college, I got serious about it and studied Travel and Tourism. Upon my graduation, I have spend many years honing my expertise within the travel industry, navigating various roles such as destination group travel coordinator roles with I Love Travel, to sales & marketing positions with the tour operators Trafalgar Tours as well as Worldstrides Explorica, as well as a role as a luxury travel concierge with John Paul.

My travels have taken me to 11 countries (so far), as well as through many different areas of both Canada and the United States. The extensive experience I've gained has nurtured a deep understanding of the complex world of global travel. I'm here to share what I've learned, to help you make the most of your own travel experiences. Travel's all about trust, and you can trust me to guide you along the way.

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