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My primary objective is to create tailored exciting itineraries, to include unique experiences, immersion into the local culture, art, food, festivals and nature.

Imagine yourself taking a weaving workshop from the native women of Peru, walking through a candlelit Petra at night, or experiencing the Future of Aviation during a tour of the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

I was raised hearing my great-grandmother talking about strolls in Paris, my mother reminiscing about her dancing with a mayor of Berlin, and my parents sharing cultural stories about their honeymoon in Uzbekistan.

My childhood was filled with trips throughout at that time the Soviet Union: admiring icons inside the Kremlin cathedrals, backpacking through the Mountains of Georgia, rowing on the lakes of Lithuania and sunbathing on the beaches of Sochi.

Born in Russia, I lived in Europe, Asia and throughout North America, and never stopped travelling.

I often like to build an itinerary around a local festival or celebratory day. Imagine watching the Inti Raimi (the Sun God) Festival in Cuzco, or admiring Fireworks over the medieval town of Carcassonne in France on Bastille Day, or being amused by the rainbow of colors during the Diwali in India.

A lover of art, I pride myself on discovering lesser-known galleries. Ask me about Russian Art Tours and African “Guggenheim

What can be better than sharing a glass of good wine with friends? Only doing so while cruising on the rivers of Europe.

An avid hiker, I am always on the lookout for interesting hiking routes, like the one through the Dolomites in Italy and Austria, or A Walking Journey in Japan.

My most memorable experience to date? Watching lions in Ngoro Ngoro Crater in Tanzania

Most importantly, I am committed to making your journey exciting “dream come true” experience, life changing and safe as your travel partner available to you before, during and after the trip.



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