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Travel Experience

Luxury. Travel. They go hand in hand. While the word, luxury, in the travel industry usually refers to private jets, first class seats, 5-Star Hotels and Restaurants, it also refers to experience which is a relative term. What is high end for one person may mean something entirely different to another. Donna has experienced travel both ways. This is her specialty. She considers her clients cherished family members whom she meets at the intersection of intentional listening, compassion, meticulous planning, and ultimately the creation of heart opening adventures.

To travel is not necessarily to sightsee, but to see. Donna believes the greatest aspects of travel have to do with using your time however you wish. Whether you want to hike, sit on a cliff and ponder life, travel by boat, jet, private driver, or all of it is completely up to you. Her strength is finding out what fills that beautiful heart of yours and matching it with her rockstar connections so you can experience your vision whatever it may be.

Wishing to plan adventures for those wanting to experience something meaningful and luxurious...anywhere in the world, Global Heart Adventure was born.

Global Heart Adventure’s Mission is to Provide Meaningful Adventures for Those Seeking Heartfelt Connections through Love, Laughter and Divine Experience.

Allow me to create a heart opening adventure for you.

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Caribbean (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos) Ireland Italy Switzerland

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