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Travel Experience

My favorite quote is, "To Travel is To Live" by Hans Christian Anderson. When you travel, you realize the beauty in the differences of people all around the world. You cannot help but be changed when you travel. Your view of the world is totally transformed.

Establishing a personal connection is a crucial part of building trust in relationships and that has always been key to my business. I get to know my clients, their needs, expectations and what makes a perfect vacation in their eyes. For me, travel is about engaging all your senses and growing through new experiences and relationships met along the way. There is nothing like tasting a hot scone fresh from the oven in Ireland, or hearing the sounds of the call to prayer in Morocco or feeling the rush as you chase wild dogs in Africa while on Safari or marveling in awe as you attend a worship service in the Duomo in Florence or participating in a blessing ceremony in Bali or climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge before getting the chance to cuddle with a koala. Meeting with contacts around the world has been key to ensuring that my clients will have special experiences all along the way.


Caribbean (Antigua, St Kitts & Nevis) Caribbean (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos) Caribbean (Jamaica) East Africa France Germany Ireland Italy South Africa Switzerland UK Australia

Travel Styles

Beach & Sun Culture History & Arts Culinary