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Independent travel expert, with more than $250,000 in sales. 

New to Business

New to the industry and less than $250,000 in sales.


Agency owner/managers with employed travel experts.

Experienced Advisors

Luxury travel advisors are the heart of our business.
We believe in appreciating and recognizing the value of our advisors. That’s why we strive to enable you to focus on the most valuable part of your job: your client relationships and the value you create for them with your expertise. 
We do that by providing innovative new technology that makes your day-to-day work faster and more seamless. And we’ve redefined profitability beyond mere commission, to open up new opportunities to drive more revenue.
Best commissions in the industry, up to 95% and no hidden fees
Access to an innovative and powerful platform for advisors
Carefully selected product and preferred partners
Unbeatable support and sense of community

New to Business

Start your venture

Turn your passion for travel into more – like a fantastic side gig, or a thriving career. With Venture by Travel Edge Network, you have the opportunity to grow the way you want.


You love travel. You love exploring new places, and you love looking for information about new destinations and new experiences to add to your list. You’re always ready to make recommendations for anyone who asks.  

Venture lets you easily turn that passion into the power to plan, book and manage travel for your friends and family. We provide you with the training, technology, and access to help you succeed. Do as little or as much as you like – no pressure. Just opportunity. 

Words from our team

“I’m very pleased and very impressed with the camaraderie and teamwork I see here. Lots of helping each other. Lots of hustling.” 
~Michael Kahan


You’re committed to a more robust future in the travel industry. You’re ready to take it to the next level in building a business – and you want the right tools and support to help you get there.  
With Venture+, you’re operating with a more powerful toolkit that provides more booking options, a personalized marketing program, dedicated mentorship, one-on-one weekly coaching, and much more. 

Words from our team

“ADX is a magnificent research tool, booking tool, invoicing tool, and I have that all at my fingertips.” 
~Angela Adto Tepper 


We offer a wide variety of benefits to over one hundred affiliate agencies across the U.S. and Canada. These include advanced technology, better commissions, 24/7 support, and contracts. Above all, Travel Edge Network offers them an experienced partner that helps them remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace.

Words from our team

“There’s so many resources and tools to help grow my business, in terms of the marketing that Travel Edge has to offer. One of the best I’ve seen in a host agency.” 
~Shaiy Howard